MINI is our compact air exchanger that is built for space-conscious customers and packaged in an appealing polymer enclosure.


The portable air exchanger market is filled with so-called "portable" units that require permanent installation. We fill this gap by manufacturing truly portable and attractive products.


Most air exchangers are installed by contractors who tear down houses or drill into walls. However, our products can be easily installed by anyone without technical background!


Our air exchangers are built by hand in our small factory. While this represents significant manufacturing costs, our products are less expensive than what is offered by competitors.

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Modular design

Off-the-shelf components

Reusable and/or recyclable parts


Heat Exchanger

Most compact single-room heat/energy recovery units utilize either regenerative matrix or recuperative plate heat exchangers. However, MINI uses a revolutionary patent-pending breathable-shell shell-and-tube heat exchanger for passive heating in the winter and passive cooling in the summer. There are no electrical heating elements or refrigerant cooling coils in the unit. The heat exchanger is mechanically robust and can prevent frost buildup even in extremely cold climates.


MINI consists of two fans that supply fresh air to the indoor space and expel stale air from the space to the outdoors.





Most air purifier manufacturers boast about using HEPA filters for air filtration. Although HEPA filters can effectively trap fine particles and germs (0.3 µm or below), they may incur high energy consumption and create strong negative pressure in a space. This can lead to the formation of crevices in the building and unintended infiltration of particles. MINI uses a replaceable MERV4 filter to purify the outdoor air that is supplied to the space while removing the indoor air with its germs and particles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that one air exchanger unit may be used to ventilate an indoor space with a floor area of 200 – 500 sq. ft.

You can easily install the air exchanger by following the instructions in the User Manual.

No. Our air exchangers are calibrated for balanced flow of air through the supply and exhaust vents during manufacturing.

No. Our air exchangers are designed to operate independently of any external appliances.

No. Our portable air exchanger is designed for direct venting to the outdoors: ideally though a door or window, and possibly through a wall (not recommended).

Yes. We provide 8-10 ft. of ventilation duct for free with every ordered air exchanger.

No. We are unable to supply ventilation kits due to the wide variety of windows and doors that are used by our customers. However, we can recommend appropriate kits.

To the best of our knowledge, most spaces will not need a condensate kit. Accumulated buildup of moisture is unlikely given the operating flow rate of the air exchanger.

Yes, we provide warranty on the main parts of the air exchanger.

Shipping is FREE to any location in the world.

Please, check the return policies of the respective online merchants and store owners. All sales are final for air exchangers that are purchased from our website. In the exceptional case that there are manufacturing defects in an air exchanger, please send us an email within 24 hours of receiving the product.


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