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Frequently Asked Questions

Heat Recovery Units

Please review our product comparison chart. Nevertheless, you can reach out to us with the details of the application (e.g., room or office), number of bedrooms, floor area, and ceiling height for recommendations on the most appropriate product for your space.

Please install our products in this manner:

Option 1: If suitable, you may install one unit of CLIMATE to ventilate a tiny house without the need for a separate bathroom fan.

Option 2: You may install one unit of MINI or MINT in the space where you will spend most of your time inside the tiny house. It is also recommended to install at least one unit of VENTPETIT in the washroom (bathroom or toilet room).

Please also review our product comparison chart.

Yes. Please check our product comparison chart for the recommended floor areas for each unit.

Our product is a heat recovery ventilator that ventilates single rooms while purifying the air and passively exchanging heat between opposing air streams.

Our product is not a dedicated air purifier, radon mitigation device, humidifier, dehumidifier, heater, air conditioner, air cooler, or refrigeration device.

You can easily install the product by following the instructions in the User Manual and other product documentation. If you are unable to use our documentation for installation, you may engage the services of a professional contractor.

The product can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, and the specific instructions are provided in the User Manual.

The products can be sited on a table or floor, and their ducts can be installed through a window, wall, ceiling, or door. While they can be mounted on a wall, only MINI and CLIMATE may be mounted on a ceiling if it can support their weight. Please see the User Manual for comprehensive installation details.

The product only needs a maximum of 4 ft. of ducting for either the supply or exhaust side, and can be mounted directly to a wall or ceiling without consuming precious indoor space.

Yes. You can purchase replacement accessories from us here.

No. The product is built to operate independently of any external appliances.

No. The product must be directly vented to the outdoors.

Yes. We provide 8 – 10 ft. of flexible ventilation duct for free with every ordered product.

To the best of our knowledge, most spaces will not need a condensate kit. Accumulated buildup of moisture is unlikely given the operating flow rate of the product.

We can provide specific details on suitable replacement parts if this information is needed.

Yes. The direction of heat transfer will automatically change such that thermal energy will flow from the hotter air stream (outdoors) to the colder air stream (indoors).

Yes. The specific detail of the temperature limits of each unit is documented in the User Manual.

Yes. The specific details are in the User Manual.

Internally, the MINI and CLIMATE units run on 12V DC and 5V DC, respectively.

Nevertheless, the units can be plugged into an AC outlet through the use of an appropriate intermediary AC – DC adapter. The DC end of the adapter can be connected to the unit whereas the AC end can be plugged into the AC power supply in a building.

For off-grid applications, a 5.5 mm male plug connector can be used to directly power MINI from a source that supplies constant 12V DC. Likewise, CLIMATE can be powered by a source that supplies constant 5V DC.


Customer Service

Ventilation Fan

You can easily install the product by following the instructions in the Data Sheet.

The product can function as either a supply or exhaust fan.

No. The product must be operated independently of external appliances.

No. The product must be directly vented to the outdoors.

Yes. The specific details are in the Data Sheet.


No. Accessories are not eligible for return except if an order is damaged in transit. In this situation, please inform us within one business day upon delivery or receipt.

No. They are not covered by warranty.

Order and Shipping Policy

We aim to send confirmation emails to customers within a maximum of seven business days after orders have been placed on our website. Order confirmation emails may be delayed by an additional 5 business days between the last week of December and first week of January.

A cancellation fee that is immediately and permanently active is applicable to all orders (both confirmed and unconfirmed) that are placed on our website.

An order can only be cancelled if it has not been shipped to the customer.

An order that has not been shipped can be cancelled but a non-refundable fee of 20% of the original price of the order(s) will be charged to the customer. To re-iterate, without any exceptions, the non-refundable fee for order cancellation will be charged even though an order has not been shipped. This fee covers the transaction costs of our payment processing merchant, which are non-refundable, and the cost of labour and materials that are incurred to process orders within our company.

If there is a mistake with your order details, please promptly contact us by email. However, we cannot guarantee that the request to modify your order will be fulfilled if it has been shipped.

The shipping timelines for orders are explicitly stated on our product purchase pages. Additionally, we always send the tracking number for all orders that are placed on our website to customers.

No, there are no hidden fees. Please note that all additional fees (e.g., import duties) that may be imposed by authorities are not covered by us.

If an order is not claimed or picked up by a customer upon delivery or notification of delivery from the assigned shipping carrier and subsequently returned to us or our shipping agent, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the customer after deducting the dual costs of shipping the order to and from the customer and an administrative penalty of 20% of the total price of the order(s).

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel an order even after it has been confirmed by email.

We reserve the right to exclusively communicate with a customer by email during peak periods of operation or when our administrative personnel are not available to speak on phone.

All quotations that are based on purchase or sales orders that are provided by customers are subject to an administrative processing fee of 10% of the total price of the order(s).

All specifications of the shipping carrier by customers are subject to a processing fee of 5% of the total price of the order(s).

Although we endeavor to ship orders to meet with our stated deadlines, we reserve the right to impose an additional 14 business days or more, to the extent that is necessary, on the delivery lead times that are stated on our product purchase pages. In such an exceptional situation, we will respectfully communicate with the customer and follow up with them until they have received their order.

Products that are damaged in shipping must be reported to us by email within one business day upon delivery or receipt.

Products that are covered by warranty due to manufacture defect can be shipped to us for repair or replacement depending on the warranty option of the order. Please check the User Manual of the concerned product for the specific warranty details that apply to your order. In all cases, the costs of shipping to and from our factory are covered by the customer.

Products that are damaged through accidents, misuse, or other similar causes that are stated in our product documentation are not covered by warranty and may need to be repaired. We can conduct repairs after assessing the faults in a product, presenting a detailed quote to the customer, and receiving authorization to proceed. All shipping, processing, handling, and part replacement fees are covered by the customer.

Return Policy

If applicable, a product can be returned within a window of 30 calendar days starting from the latest of either the date of purchase or receipt by the customer for any reason whatsoever. Please first check the terms on the respective product purchase page to verify that your order can be returned.

The cost of shipping the product(s) to the customer is non-refundable and will be deducted from the amount that is refunded to the customer.

The customer pays for the cost of shipping the product(s) to our factory or shipping agent.

The customer is completely responsible for the returned product until it reaches our factory or shipping agent.

Please note that all additional fees (e.g., import duties) that may be imposed by authorities are not covered by us.

If a returned product has been modified, blemished from usage, missing in items, components or accessories, or damaged in transit due to poor packaging, we reserve the right to charge a restocking / repair fee of at least 20% of the total price of the order(s). Please note that, even if an order is returned in pristine condition without having opened the package, the restocking fee will still be charged to the customer to cover the costs of opening, inspecting, testing, calibrating, and repackaging the order in addition to administrative expenses. The cost of restocking / repair will be deducted from the amount that will be refunded to the customer.

Refunds will be processed within 14 business days after the product(s) arrives at our factory or shipping agent.

The customer can return a product by contacting us with these specific details: name, address, product name, serial number, and the reason for return.

Once a request for return has been received from a customer by email, the support team will provide the details of the return address and applicable policies to the customer. Please do not ship out a product until specific return details have been received from our support team.

We will charge a penalty of 50% of the total price of the order(s) if the customer ships out the product(s) without following our exact instructions.


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