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CLIMATE, which uses the same “plug and play” form factor as MINI, is an exhaust and supply fan system for thermal energy (heat) recovery, and can continuously ventilate rooms, apartments, and houses.

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The unit uses dual axial-flow brushless direct current fans that feature relatively low specific power consumption for reliable continuous ventilation.

Self Installed

Unlike conventional ventilation products which can be difficult to install and limited in options, our products can easily be installed by anyone without technical background!


Our products are built by hand in our factory. While this represents significant manufacturing costs, our products are relatively affordable with respect to the value that they offer.



…SINCE 2018…

Excessive moisture  damages buildings

Likewise, elevated CO2 levels negatively affect our productivity and well being *

Our product easily solves the problem. Period.


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Reusable / Recyclable


CLIMATE utilizes dual high-efficiency tube-axial fans and a compressed tube for thermal energy (heat) exchange between supply and exhaust air streams to ventilate a wide range of spaces from single rooms and open concept spaces to small houses. The unit can be powered by a source that supplies constant 5V DC and up to 12V DC for maximum air flow rate.

Stale air is “exhaled” through a compressed tube whereas fresh air is “inhaled” through the shell side of the air-to-air exchanger. Importantly, thermal energy (heat) exchange between the fresh and stale air streams occurs via the walls of the compressed tube.



The product operates by utilizing internal operating voltages that are safe.


Standard parts are ingeniously utilized to guarantee reliability and mitigate obsolescence.


The product uses a simple configuration that translates to a robust build.


Speed control can be achieved through the use of 5V or 12V power adapter sources.

The unit features two variants.

Single Speed

This variant runs at a fixed speed at the output voltage of the AC-to-DC adapter or DC power source.

Multi Speed

This variant features two speeds.
Normal: This is the default mode of the unit once it has been powered, and can be adjusted if needed.
Boost: Upon activation, the unit operates in this mode at a higher flow rate than the Normal mode as further expatiated in the data sheet.



Mount the product on the wall or ceiling. You may also place it on a table or floor.


Drill 2x 3” holes or use a fabric casement seal that has 2 zipper orifices to avoid drilling.


Insert the 2x pre-assembled ducts into the holes and supply power to the product.

Please read the User Manual and Installation Guide for comprehensive information on how to install the product.


  • Superb moisture removal
  • Only MERV Filtration
  • Double Pipe Heat Exchange
  • 75 m3/h


  • Superb heat recovery
  • MERV & HEPA Filtration
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchange
  • 45 m3/h
  • If you need a robust heat recovery ventilator with HEPA filtration capability, choose MINI.
  • If you need to ventilate a space with supplementary heat recovery, choose CLIMATE.
  • Please see more details on our product comparison page.

Please reach out to us if you need guidance on the appropriate product(s) for your application…

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Over the past few years, our customers have sent us glowing testimonials of which a few are published here.
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I have installed the Climate HRV last fall in our 200 square feet tiny house. The house has a second floor on a mezzanine. We have had good success with the unit, the unit is on the second floor, taking air from the washroom below and feeding the fresh air upstairs…. The installation of the machine is very easy, we were able to connect it to two 3 inch pipe that go outside through the wall. I appreciate the simplicity, the low price and how dependable it is…

David Thivierge

*Principle of thermal energy exchange at negative fluid flow balance through a primary exhaust fan and supplementary supply fan
**Dehumidification is achieved through negative pressure balance