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How 3-IN-1 Works...


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Air Exchangers with heat recovery capability are also referred to as HRVs (Heat Recovery Ventilators).

Why Air Quality Matters...

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Indoor air can be three times more polluted than outdoor air. However, most people spend up to 90% of their time indoors [source] [source].

Poor indoor air quality leads to the death of approximately 2 million people annually [source].

The impact of poor indoor and outdoor air quality on the global economy exceeds $5 trillion yearly [source].

Everyone is Covered

Owner: Most home owners rely on central air handling systems that are inaccurately sized and do not provide all indoor spaces (e.g., recreation or kids’ rooms) with good air quality. Although modern houses are designed to be airtight, any inadequacy in the ventilation system can lead to high levels of indoor air pollution. Likewise, old buildings without a dedicated ventilation system experience poor air quality which results in undesirable odors, moisture accumulation, and mould growth.

Renter: Most renters are forced to live in apartments or homes with poor ventilation systems. The lack of fresh air is a serious concern particularly in cold climates where it is difficult or impossible to open the window in the winter. In addition, commercial single-room air exchangers are designed to be installed by drilling into walls and this option may not be accessible to renters.

Others: Other spaces such as offices, garages, etc., also suffer from poor indoor air quality depending on the type of building where they are located. Tiny homes and residential vehicles typically do not have dedicated ventilation systems and may be plagued with the accumulation of moisture in the winter.

Real Customers

“... The moldy smell in our living room has completely disappeared...”
L. T.
“My studio apartment surprisingly became refreshing... I had used several products in the past to no avail. I no longer have to endure a smelly and stuffy place!”
S. O.

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