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We offer the best value for money decentralized ventilation units in the world. Period.

We replace pollutants with fresh and filtered air even in extremely cold or hot climates.

Our handcrafted products are efficient, self installed, and more affordable than other options.


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Research has shown that…

Your indoor air is usually much more polluted than the air outdoors*

The good news is that our products can remove pollutants from your space


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Our wellbeing is strongly influenced by air quality because we spend ~90% of our time indoors*

Approximately 2 million people die annually from the effects of breathing polluted air*

The impact of poor air quality on the global economy exceeds $5 trillion yearly*



Our products are optimized for excellence through the synergy of minimalism, precision handcrafting, and research and development.



We sincerely appreciate our customers and well wishers as we mark our 5th anniversary milestone!


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We decided to install it [MINI] on the wall next to a window. Cut a thick board with two holes at the two ends, painted it, purchased a couple of short PVC pipes and hose clamps then fed the PVC pipes through the board up against the mosquito screen outside then attached the intake and exhaust hoses to these with the hose clamps... The curtain then perfectly hides the hoses and just the box and fresh air exhaust into the room is visible... our current air quality with CO2 levels that is just over 700 but in the morning it was only 625 - it used to be between 1800-2200!

The room it is installed in is a small 110 sq ft. bedroom but during the day we also leave the door wide open to an adjacent home office which is 160 sq ft so most of the time it provides fresh air to these two rooms, due to the small size of the bedroom we still leave the bedroom door slightly open during the night. There are only two of us living here so we think this one device is sufficient for us.

Thank you again AccuraSEE for this great product!

Tibor K. (November 2022)

Lino Lakes, MN, USA

I'm very happy with my purchase [MINT], even though i was a bit sceptical at first until i received it. It's really well built and it's nice to be able to mod it easility... i've mounted mine above my window and built custom exhaust/intake vents so it can live all year long. I'm planning on diverting the intake to the botom of the cabinet to make it a bit more clean but i'm very happy with the unit overall! i would definitely recommend it ... for a small place!

Thomas G. (September 2021)

Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC, Canada

I finally got the air exchange [MINT] installed in its home just before the new year and so far we are quite pleased with it. The air exchange is currently circulating air through my wife's new office space (70 square feet). My wife is quite sensitive to VOCs (which is a big reason we wanted the air exchange) but even though there is a lot of new material (flooring, paint, bookshelves, etc.) she hasn't been bothered by anything and is very happy to be working in her new office. We have been monitoring air quality (including VOCs) ... and the VOCs have been consistently low, but when we have turned off the air exchange for brief periods the VOCs quickly spike, further evidence that the air exchange is doing its job quite well.

Tim B. (November 2020)

Saskatoon, SK, Canada


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