“Take the best and make it better, only then is it just good enough”

Peter Suchy

Our philosophy hinges on three core principles which are briefly elucidated here:

Minimalist Design

We develop our products by first identifying the key parameters that guarantee excellent performance and thereafter use this information to architect a design that integrates modular parts to achieve the principal aim. By utilizing a minimalist design, our products lay emphasis on simplicity and functionality while exhibiting aesthetic forms.

Precision Handcrafting

In the age of mass production, handcrafting is still prestigious due to the skillfulness and irreplaceable personal touch of the maker. We tend to modify prefabricated parts to precise tolerances through several processes including cutting, trimming, and sanding. Certain parts are fabricated by delicately transforming raw materials through one or a combination of drilling, laser cutting, and 3D printing. For instance, the MINI heat recovery ventilator consists of at least 28 parts which make up the enclosure, heat exchanger, fan sub-assemblies, and electrical unit. While these parts may be prepared by multiple team members, the final assembly of the product is performed by one technician.

Research and Development

We develop models which are used to identify the design parameters for prototyping, and the prototypes are then subjected to experimental assessment. For instance, the heat exchangers that are used in our heat recovery ventilators are developed by using heat transfer paradigms such as the effectiveness-NTU (number of transfer units) method. Thereafter, experimental testing is conducted to assess the air flow characteristics, acoustics, and heat transfer performance of our prototypes. We also engage in ongoing experimental development to ensure that timely refinements are performed to optimize existing products as new products are being developed.