Products for a Lifetime

“Our goal is to manufacture a reasonable number of products at the highest quality that can last for a lifetime…”


These days, most consumers expect their products to last for only a few years. In the event of a malfunction, products can be discarded, donated for recycling, or perhaps repaired as a last resort. In fact, the average lifespan of consumer electronics has been reported to range from ~2 to 13 years which can be represented as an average of 5 years. Apart from the malfunction of a product, other factors such as performance loss, emotional detachment, and social stimuli also contribute to premature product replacements and the result is an exacerbated electronic waste problem that is projected to reach 112 Mt by 2050. While repairs are desirable, some consumers do not purse this option due to the inexpensive prices of new products relative to the repair expenses of an older product that has malfunctioned.

We strive to offer excellent indoor air quality products to our customers by diligently adopting these three core elements.

Standard Parts

While it is desirable to develop custom parts to perform unique functions in a product, it is not always necessary. Therefore, we often rely on standard parts when possible because they are proven to be safe, reliable, and durable and have demonstrated unbroken performance in several applications over decades of continuous use. While we do develop custom parts, they are often fabricated from durable standard parts to ensure that there is absolutely no compromise to the structural and functional integrity of our products. For instance, our products utilize enclosures that are widely used in the electrical industry and can last for over 50 years.

Simple Controls

We endeavor to incorporate reliable electronic and electro-mechanical parts that are either fabricated in house or received from trusted suppliers. Additionally, we practice minimalism by using only the required discrete pieces of parts that are reliable and can function cohesively. The modular configuration that is adopted to build our products ensures that these parts can be replaced or repaired if necessary.

Superb Craftsmanship

Due to the gargantuan levels of consumption in modern times, the quality of manufacturing has been relegated to achieve elevated production volumes. Hence, the craftsmanship that is associated with products has depreciated to the extent that numerous brands are indistinguishable due to the plethora of replicated build patterns across the competitive landscape. At AccuraSEE, we take pride in being a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality products where each unit is handcrafted by a team of highly skilled technical specialists.

“Every single product that has been manufactured by us can be repaired.”


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